Social Oriented Design

Our goal is to find effective and cost free solutions to solve social related problems (these problems can be big or small). The main team is based in Oslo but we are an international group.

2014-2015's theme is Loneliness and links with Social Networks.


This serie of poster is related to a short-film I am making about loneliness and lonely people. I started this project by interviewing friends, family and people about loneliness. What they thought of it, their experience of it, how it is related or not to any social network. I also ask myself those questions. Among the people who ever felt very, deeply lonely, I discovered a common darkness (a very personnal one)

I tried to work on this feelings, thoughts and actions, that many would call extreme.

Project data

Date: January 2015



Exhibited for the first exhibition of SOD, January 14th 2015 at Grafill, in Oslo, Norway

And at the Garner Arts Center in may and june 2015, New York, USA